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Uncategorized julho 29, 2010

Which ironically enough

At a recent visit to a beer festival in Belgium, we had a long beer related conversation with the Flanders Region Minister of Culture. He expressed more interest in the Sheffield beer scene than emanates from our Town Hall. It would be positive to see Sheffield City Council representation at both the Steel City festival […]

Uncategorized julho 24, 2010


Personally, I have my doubts about the cop story. Any 12 year old who has ever seen television knows that you don reach for a gun, real or otherwise, when the cops have you in their sights are are yelling at you to put up your hands. Let hope they had a camera going and […]

Uncategorized julho 24, 2010

“A lot of

“A lot of times last year I got so wound up in the game my emotions starting taking me over. It always seemed to turn out I’d throw a cheap shot here, cheap shot there and end up getting into a small confrontation. Coach Sutton said he doesn’t mind players being mean and tough as […]

Uncategorized julho 7, 2010

There has never been

Because there is so much of it. Improved oil drilling technologies known generally as fracking have added more oil to the global market than the total production of any other nation in OPEC other than Saudi Arabia. And abroad haven’t cut back production very much, despite the low prices, and now the lifting of international […]

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